About Us

Do you want to rise above the crowd? One TEAM one DREAM for RESULTS within...SPN

SPN was found in the pursuit of a health and fitness lifestyle. With the ambition to look and feel good, we decided to formulate “Specialized Nutritional Supplements” to assist different types of people in their daily needs.

We believe that quality is the best kind of advertising as quoted by “Milton Hersey”, therefor, only the highest quality imported raw materials is used.  Scientifically formulated by a leading manufacturer of sports nutritional supplements, to insure customer satisfaction, time and again.

We are passionate and dedicated to deliver the highest standards and to ensure we bring only the best to our clients!  I would dare to say that by using our products and following a healthy lifestyle you should achieve results beyond expectation.

Specialized Performance Nutrition is here to help you to DECIDE what YOU want to BE and GO BE IT!!!

Johan Terblanche

After seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie “Commando”, he knew that this was the career he wanted to pursue.  He started out by selling supplements and training on the side.  It has been 14 years since he entered the fitness industry, also competing in various bodybuilding competitions and becoming a international judge in 2010.  He also assisted many athletes in their preparation of shows nationally as well as internationally.

Bodybuilding served him with a privilege to see the world, meeting up with great like minded people, firing his passion for the fitness industry more and more. He is aware of the needs of competitive fitness enthusiasts as well as your every day guy or girl and decided to start their own brand.

Together with one of South Africa’s leading manufacturers, he helps with the formulations of their products, being able to do so with experience and knowledge gained through trial and error over the years.

His aim is to supply the best scientifically formulated, quality products and client services.

Sonja Terblanche
Co founder and wife of Johan

Sonja developed a great  interest in a healthy lifestyle.  Being a mother of 2 energy loaded beautiful boys, she finds it very important to eat healthy nutritional foods and supplement with the best quality products to keep up with the daily demands.

Although not being in the fitness industry before, she has experience in a different side of the game, by being part of the modelling industry in her younger years and her love for food and tastes definitely  showed off with the flavouring ideas of our products. She loves working with people and based on that we definitely strive to give our clients the best customer service possible. She is an out of the box thinker, always coming up with new ideas, responsible for all office and admin related things and handling social media.

They weren't afraid to give up the good for the better. Believe you can and you are halfway there!!!

SPN Team Terblanche